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May 6, 2022

4 Fat Busting Tips You Don’t Want To Skip

Are you disappointed in your physical appearance? Do you long to drop some pounds before your next event? It’s hard to lose weight, but a few changes could help burn away that fat. Adopt the following practices to support your journey.

1. Reduce the Sugar

Although sugar tastes great, it doesn’t do the body good. Studies indicate that sugar is addictive and often leads to obesity. It can quickly get out of control when you start to eat it. If you can’t eat just one cookie, consider cutting down on sweets in general. The excess adds unwanted pounds. Bust the fat by cutting out one of the primary sources. (more…)

May 4, 2022

Relief For Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia pain can make daily activities difficult, or even impossible. One minute you are feeling just fine, the next you are bedbound for the rest of the week. The treatment that worked yesterday may not help today. Finding the right treatment can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. It feels like everyone suggests the same things that don’t work: diet and exercise. While each treatment may not work for every person, it can feel exhausting to sift through all of the ones that don’t work. If you are tired of the same old suggestions, you may want to try some of these options. (more…)

April 29, 2022

Different Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Taking good care of your mental health can improve the overall quality of your life and provide lasting health benefits. Learn about the different ways you can incorporate healthier habits for your mind into your daily routine.


Meditation is used to create a state of tranquility and deep relaxation within the mind and body. During meditation, you will practice focusing your mind on your breath or a repeated mantra. You may use deep breathing exercises or visualization techniques to enhance your practice. If you don’t like sitting in meditation, try a walking meditation or another active form of meditation. (more…)

April 27, 2022

Employee Engagement – The Risks Remote Work Plays On Employees

With many employees expecting their businesses to continue to honor their remote workplace policies post pandemic, a compromise in the way of blended workplace environments has taken hold over most businesses. This compromise provides the best of both worlds for both businesses and their employees. Despite the fact that some work has returned to the office, the importance of safety for remote workers continues to linger. As a business, being unprepared for the potential liability and issues associated with remote work could be your downfall. This post will detail the dangers of remote work and how your business can remain prepared for them throughout this newly established work dynamic. (more…)