October 11, 2021

Celebrity Vegans Go All-In on Their Favorite Dishes

By riaces

There are many misconceptions about veganism, and one of them is how niche it is.

Many feel veganism is a minority option, that few follow the discipline, and that’s reflected on menus up and down the US. There’s always a vegan option, but rarely a deep choice for those who choose to eat in such a manner. However, whilst veganism might be an afterthought at your local restaurant, it is practised by many more people than you might realise, and that is just one of several common misconceptions about veganism.

It is estimated there are up to 20 million vegans in the US, showing that in terms of ethical eating, the stakes are being raised all the time. More people follow the slogan ‘see me, not meat’ and view animals as an individual, not a light snack. It is heartening from an ethical point of view but also beneficial from a health perspective. By not consuming foods high in saturated fat, such as red meat, you can lower your cholesterol, which has significant positive health implications. Veganism can help you lose weight, improve your heart’s condition and leave you feeling better about yourself.

Back to that menu choice at your local restaurant; it might not be great, but there are some fantastic dishes you can whip up if you’re a vegan. If you don’t believe us, why not take the advice of these famous vegans, who discuss their favorite meals.

Alicia Silverstone

Credit: Mark CogginsAlicia Silverstone, Festival of BooksCC BY 2.0

Silverstone was a superstar in the nineties, featuring in Clueless, Batman and Robin, and three Aerosmith videos. She’s also a committed vegan, who has released her vegan cookbooks and is well-known for her activism. In 2010 she was awarded a Voice Of Compassion Award by the Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine for promoting a vegan diet. One of her favorite dishes is tacos with homemade guacamole, chopped tomatoes and refried pinto beans. “That choice you make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is so important for self-care,” she said. “When you eat really well, you feel really well.”

Daniel Negreanu

Credit: Photos by flipchip / LasVegasVegas.com, Daniel Negreanu 2007CC BY-SA 3.0

Daniel Negreanu is a man who could eat in the most expensive restaurants in the world if he wished; he’s a six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and has cashed out for more than $42m throughout his career. He is listed as one of the greatest poker players of all time and recently has diversified to become a health icon. He’s gone all-in on a vegan diet and is happy to share one of his favorite dishes. He eats a high-fiber salad for his lunch, including spinach, lentils, pistachios, cranberries, sliced apples and half an avocado. “My diet’s now as good as it’s ever been, and although my veganism started out absolutely about health, it’s also become about the environment and animal cruelty,” he said.


Credit: Joe GoldbergMoby, Area OneCC BY-SA 2.0

New York native Moby was at the forefront of the EDM scene in the early nineties and is a veteran of 19 studio albums. He is a well-known spiritualist and practises meditation at his Los Angeles home. Since 1987, he’s been a committed vegan, making him one of the key players around the vegan table. He promotes veganism for those on a limited budget, and one of his favorite dishes is a green tofu broth. “When I became a vegan in 1987, I was making $2,000 a year and living in an abandoned factory. So I had to learn how to eat really, really inexpensively,” he said. “One of my favorites then, and now, is this: homemade broth with garlic, ginger, onions, cabbage, spinach, miso. Udon noodles. And firm tofu with scallions. Done right, it’s delicious and costs around .75 cents per serving.”