November 19, 2021

Functional Medicine and What Makes It Unique

By riaces

People will always look forward to the best approach towards treating their conditions. The goal is to get the best results, protecting themselves from any further health issues in the long run. One of the best options you could consider is functional medicine, whose critical insights are as follows.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a medical approach that relies on various biology-based systems to treat the cause of a disease. That means it is a personalized approach that focuses on the different elements contributing to an illness. As such, each component is handled separately. Remember, various aspects could cause disease, and addressing each of them independently is more effective.

As per Denver Functional Medicine, functional medicine is based on three critical pillars: patient-centered, science-based methodology, and multi-disciplinary medical integration. Patient-centered care means that the medical expert will focus on your family’s medical history. Learning this history helps the doctor to personalize your treatment, managing the condition even better. The science-based methodology integrates clinical expertise and personal preferences. This pillar focuses on the various elements that could have led to the patient’s illness. Here, the doctor will identify the various physiological imbalances and ensure that they are adequately treated.

On the other hand, an informed multi-disciplinary approach could be an excellent choice for a physician to consider. It integrates various medical practices, including lifestyle changes, laboratory tests, and prescribed medications.

What Makes Functional Medicine Unique?

Functional medicine is a personalized and integrative approach aimed at making you healthier. This is a lot different from conventional medicine, which is disease-oriented. This medication ensures that the root cause of your issue gets addressed, making it an affordable approach in the long run.

The approach is patient-centered. That means you get personalized treatments, guaranteeing you much more reliable results in the long run. Besides, it is holistic.

How Functional Medicine Approaches Assessment

Functional medicine approaches assessment in various ways: genetics, environmental inputs, core clinical functions, and mind-body elements.

Mind-body elements will often include social, psychological, and spiritual aspects. Understanding these elements will help achieve a more holistic approach to issues. On the other hand, core clinical functions entail the physiological factors that make us alive. Some of these functions will include energy, assimilation, biotransformation, structural integrity, and immunity.

Environmental inputs entail external things that help keep your health balanced. For instance, such things will include water, quality of air, food, and the level of your physical activity. They will also consider your genetics, which helps determine your susceptibility to specific health conditions.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine assures you of three core benefits, including the following.

  • It assures you of a customized health plan, meaning that you get excellent results in the long run.
  • It focuses on creating a reliable patient-doctor relationship. This way, you become more confident in in-depth consultation to allow for appropriate medication.
  • It focuses on treating the core disorders and root sources of your condition, making it a more practical approach to medication.

In conclusion, this approach is holistic and worth considering. Its personalized structure ensures that the patient gets excellent treatment. Further, it addresses the root cause of an issue, ensuring that it is handled at once.