June 27, 2023

How hydration impacts your body

By riaces

The human body is complex. Numerous systems work together to ensure your organs, muscles and everything else are performing as they should. None of these systems would be able to do this without adequate water. From maintaining the body’s temperature to lubricating your joints, proper hydration is essential.

Our day-to-day lives, however, often get in the way of getting enough water. The importance of hydrating your body cannot be understated. Lack of hydrating can actually lead to dehydration. Dehydration is a condition that can lead to myriad ill health effects. Even mild dehydration, a loss of 1-3% of body weight, can impair aspects of brain function.

Common side effects include changes in mood, headaches, tiredness and trouble concentrating. When this state persists or worsens, it may lead to more serious complications, such as constipation, kidney stone development, urinary tract infection and even causing the body to overheat. Maintaining an adequate level of hydration prevents dehydration while also facilitating optimal body function. Interested in learning more about how hydration impacts the body and how to improve the way in which you hydrate? Be sure to read on to the infographic accompanying this post for additional information, such as about the hangover iv Miami solutions available.