May 31, 2022

How to write a resume?

By riaces

When looking for a job, each person is faced with the problem of how to write a resume so that it can definitely interest potential employers?

A resume is a brief self-presentation by which the employer selects applicants for a vacant position at the initial stage.

How to write a resume in order to interest the employer?

It is necessary to enter only genuine information in the resume, and only of such a nature that will present the applicant from all his positive sides. Both in the resume and at the interview, you need to talk about your advantages.

When compiling a resume, it is necessary to adhere to a clear structure, without overloads and unnecessary information. The resume should fit on one or two sheets of A4 sheet, the employer needs to get as much information as possible in a concise version, so all data must be clearly structured and presented in a concise form.

When writing a resume, you need to be optimistic and cheerful. Positive people are always valued more than pessimistic and insecure people.
Feel free to indicate various additional courses, trainings, additional education. For example, SEO, SMM, content manager courses, mastery of a high-speed typing method, in general, any skills that increase your soft and hard skills.

What should be the structure of a resume?

The title is the key point from which the employer will be able to determine from whom it is sent. As a rule, the word “resume” is written in the title and the full name is indicated.

Designate a target. The employer must see for what purpose the resume is sent. Here you need to indicate for which position the applicant is applying.

Specify data. One of the important parts of the resume, thanks to which the employer will be able to contact the applicant in the future. Here it is worth indicating the date of birth, the exact address of actual and registered residence, marital status, contacts (telephone, email, social networks).

Education. That part of the resume by which the employer will be able to determine the level of education of the applicant. Information about diplomas received and educational institutions in which qualifications were obtained is indicated here.

Experience. What employers pay the most attention to. Experience should be indicated from the last place of work, prescribing the position held by the applicant, the company, the length of service or work in the position.

The most important part will be where you describe the goals that were set and the results that were achieved.

Job responsibilities. Here, the functional and job responsibilities that the applicant had to perform at the previous place of work are usually prescribed.

This data will help you understand how competent a potential employee will be for a particular vacancy. It is no longer enough just to indicate the place of work, you need to show what you did there and what results you achieved.

A large number of jobs, for half a year, can frighten off HR. Because it speaks of the uncertainty of the applicant.

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