April 30, 2020

Medicines over the counter in Spain

By riaces

I was surprised when I first moved to Spain that I could buy medication such as antibiotics and thyroxine over the counter at pharmacies without a prescription. You still can, but recently I have noticed my local pharmacy saying “no” to me asking for antibiotics. Others however still will give them.

I currently have another run in with conjuctivitis. It is my fourth bout in as many weeks and I have been using antibiotic eye drops. However nothing is shifting the latest one and the drops don’t feel quite right. So I’ve followed my instinct and been using hot and cold compresses ( eyes closed) and rinsing the eye in warm water. As I don’t have an eye bath I’ve been using a cup which is great because as well as washing my eye I end up washing my clothes too.

Result is still a red eye…but it does feel more comfortable and my next appointment will be at the pharmacy for some “tears”….as I think my conjuctivitis may be caused by a “dry eye.”

Incidentally if you do think you have conjunctivitis do this test. Close the affected eye and shine a torch in the other. If you have any pain in the affected eye it signals a more serious problem with your iris and you need to go and see a doctor.

Meanwhile I’m going to wear gold to the airport and then with my red eye I will at least look festive.