June 12, 2023

Understanding Suicidal Thoughts

 People who are struggling with mental health issues can often have suicidal thoughts, but this does not necessarily mean that they will attempt suicide.  However this does not make having these thoughts any less traumatic for them.  Many people who are suffering suicidal thoughts often feel unable to confide in someone about how they are feeling.

Suicidal thoughts can happen for many different reasons, generally they occur as a result of an overwhelming life event, leaving the person feeling like they are unable to cope and that suicide is their only option. These feelings can happen when a person feels like they have no hope left for the future and no reason to carry on.

Although suicide attempts are more common in women they are more often undertaken by men as they are more likely to use lethal methods.


It’s also believed that there may be a genetic link to suicide, and that if you have a family history of suicidal thoughts or attempts you are more likely to be affected by this.


It is important to remember that not everyone who is feeling suicidal will show symptoms, but these can include:

·      Increasing their use of alcohol or recreational drugs

·      Withdrawing from social activities and spending more time alone

·      Saying things like they wish they hadn’t been born or were dead

·      Saying goodbye to people as though it’s the last time they will see them

·      Giving away their belongings or getting things in order without any obvious need to do so

·      Mood swings which are sometimes extreme

·      Seem to be preoccupied with violence and death

·      Changing their eating and sleeping patterns

·      Acting recklessly or developing self-destructive behaviours

Risk Factors

You may be more at risk of suicidal thoughts or attempting suicide if:

·      You have previously attempted suicide

·      Have an underlying mental health condition such as bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression

·      Have a medical condition that is linked to depression like, substance abuse a chronic pain condition or a potentially terminal illness

·      Have a family history of mental health disorders, substance abuse, or violence, either physical or sexual

·      Are part of the LGBQT+ community and don’t have the support of family or friends or are living in a hostile environment


Professional Help

If you are having thoughts of self-harming or feeling suicidal you should contact your doctor and confide your feelings to them.  They will check to see if you have any underlying physical or mental health conditions that are causing you to feel this way.

They can also prescribe a variety of medications including antianxiety medication, antidepressants and SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) to help you.  Sometimes medication alone is not enough, and some people are unable to tolerate the side effects.  Therapy is often the best way to help you to understand and overcome your suicidal thoughts and feelings. A variety of therapies including counselling, psychotherapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and clinical hypnotherapy can all be successful forms of treatment.  Written by Jan, Jeana and Wendy at Barnsley Hypnosis and Counselling (UK). For more free Information click above link.

March 28, 2023

Funny Baby Clothes – Must Have For Babies

Dressing your baby up in trendy clothes has become more in vogue than it was ever before. In earlier days, parents used to buy nice and comfortable clothes from general shopping malls without the hassle of finding unique clothes for their babies. Nowadays, parents take equal interest in designing chic clothes for their babies as they take interest in their own clothes. It is now considered that the dress a baby wears shows the taste of the parents. For example,  If babies are wearing  grandma baby clothes, it shows that the parents have put an extra effort to make their baby stand out from the lot. Who would not notice a unique outfit when baby clothes are concerned? (more…)

March 21, 2023

The Benefits of Investing in Quality Work Boots

A good pair of work boots is vital to your well-being if you work on construction projects or workshops. Your feet will always be dry and secure with these boots.

They should also comply with specific OSHA standards. Neglecting to do so could result in hefty fines from OSHA.


The benefits of investing in quality work boots Canada are clear: a good pair will last for years, protecting you from abrasions and ensuring your feet look great. Leather is a natural material that develops a protective coating over time.

The most durable work boots are made from full-grain or oiled leather. This type of leather ages well and is less likely to become damaged than top grain or sprayed-on hides since it absorbs more natural oils throughout the tanning process. (more…)

March 17, 2023

What Baby Product to Bring to a Gender-Revealing Cake Party

A new trend in welcoming a new baby is revealing the gender through cake. Perhaps, it sound a bit odd, but also kind of exciting. What can we learn from this? How would you reveal the gender of the newborn through cake, and also to whom will you be revealing the gender? Most significantly, what should you do if you are invited to attend a gender revealing party?

If you already have known how the baby gender is revealed through a cake you might be asking yourself how the parties work. The very first alternative is to hold a gender revealing party rather than contacting each of their friends separately to show them the baby ultrasound. the parents may design their unique cake (inside and out), however parents must keep the baby gender a secret from anyone else. (more…)

February 21, 2023

Why is Yoga Important?

Yoga has become a global phenomenon in recent years. It’s a physical and spiritual practice that people of all religions and beliefs can enjoy.

Regular practice of yoga helps you improve your health in many ways. Read on to discover how yoga is essential for your body, mind, and spirit.

Improved Flexibility

Flexibility isn’t a prerequisite for yoga — it results from regular practice. However, flexibility can help you move quickly and feel less stiff or sore.

The ability to be flexible is also important for balance and stability. For example, practicing yoga can help you improve your balance and prevent injury if you tend to fall. (more…)

February 15, 2023

The Benefits of Yoga for Children

Life can be stressful. Today, stress is showing up at a much younger age as more school-age children experience anxiety and increased pressure both at school and at home. To relieve the stress and help prevent negative coping mechanisms from developing, positive outlets are suggested.

One approach currently gaining traction is the practice of yoga. It helps children learn how to deal with stress while providing physical balance. Whether offered as part of their educational experience or simply encouraged at home, yoga has been shown to provide a positive way to relief stress and improve self-regulation in young children. How could that be? At its heart, yoga revolves around relaxing breathing techniques, healthy stretching, and active mindfulness. When practiced on a regular basis, it calms the mind, reduces stress, and improves the child’s overall well-being. (more…)