October 7, 2021

Protecting the Skin You’re In – 3 Tips on Saving Your Skin from Sun Damage

By riaces

For many people, there’s hardly anything more enjoyable than spending time outdoors. Whether walking along a stretch of sandy beach, hiking on a nature trail, or taking a bike ride through the countryside, exercise and sunshine go hand in hand. While it’s true that our bodies both crave and benefit from the sun’s rays, too much exposure can mean problems down the road. Read on to learn three tips on saving your skin from sun damage.

Sun Block – Application is the Key

Most people know that applying sunblock is the number one way to combat sun damage. However, many individuals only pull out the lotion if they know they’re going to the beach or spending an extended period outside on a hot sunny day. Sun damage can occur anytime your skin is exposed to harmful rays, so it’s vital to protect your skin whenever you’re outdoors, including cloudy days. Applying high SPF sunblock as needed, along with wearing a large hat that covers your entire face, neck, and ears, works wonders.

If You Spot Something, Do Something

It’s easy to overlook or minimize a new freckle, bump, or unusual shape of an existing mole. You may find yourself saying: “It’s probably nothing,” or “if it doesn’t go away I’ll see a dermatologist.” Indeed the area of concern could be a harmless age spot or standard skin tag. However, it could be something much more severe such as melanoma or another type of treatable skin cancer. It’s vital to get it checked out by a specialist because you never know. If you require dermatologic surgery Memphis inquire about the available treatment options.

Scan Your Body Once a Month

It’s essential to be proactive when it comes to preventing skin cancer. By scanning your body each month for anomalies, you could lessen the severity of any issues you may find.

Prevention is crucial, and the earlier you seek treatment, the better the outcome.