September 17, 2021

Should You Take CBD for Exercise?

By riaces

You’ve been seeing it everywhere, and you can’t help but get curious. More and more people are swearing by the use of CBD products as a good addition to their workout supplements. Is it worth giving it a try, though?

Can you gain benefits from taking CBD for exercise? If so, what exactly are these benefits? If you are curious enough, read on below.

What is CBD?

In case you still don’t know exactly what is CBD, and why it’s gotten so popular in recent years, here’s a quick starter. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a type of extract from the hemp plant, which has been found to have plenty of medical benefits, such as controlling or minimizing certain rare types of seizures, decreasing anxiety, and more.

Nowadays, CBD comes in many different forms, such as tinctures or oil, gel capsules, or even tasty treats like gummies.

How can CBD Help in Workouts?

The sudden rise in interest in taking CBD for exercise has a lot to do with the benefits it provides, specifically for recovery and improved fitness results.

One of the more important benefits you can derive from CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties. As many sports activities, such as high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, and cardio workouts lead to soreness and inflammation, having a product like CBD becomes a very attractive option to ease the discomfort from these conditions.

The positive offshoot of this is that less inflammation also means faster recovery. If your body can recover faster, then it puts you in a much better position to continue working out better, faster. No wonder CBD products are so appealing for those who love working out. Not only does it help them keep going, but it also helps them achieve or maintain their fitness goals better.

Caveats on Using CBD for Exercise

One important thing to note about using CBD for exercise is that this is, in fact, not a type of performance enhancing drug. This means that you shouldn’t expect it to give you a big boost of energy and strength per se. As explained above, its benefits are more on the side of easing workout pains, such as muscle soreness and inflammation, more than anything else.

It’s also important to note that CBD is a depressant, which is why you should be careful not to take too much of it before a workout, otherwise you may feel sluggish. It is, however, okay to take CBD before a workout, but according to ideal, prescribed amounts.

Get Better Rest and Recovery

Those who take CBD have also reported getting much better sleep. This, of course, is crucial to one’s recovery. Muscles repair themselves as the body goes into a deep slumber. Good quality sleep, therefore, is crucial in having a successful workout program.

With these benefits, you might want to try taking CBD to help improve the quality of your exercise or workout routines.