June 24, 2020

Swan Shopping Centre Eastleigh

By riaces

We visited the Swan Shopping Centre in Eastleigh yesterday afternoon and I found it a little strange.It is a shopping mal but one that doesn’t have very much in it. There isn’t a department store but just a few of the shops that you would find on the high street like Boots, Argos, a hardware shop, Monsoon and lots of stairs that have levels with no shops at all.

We went there because my daughter has decided that she wants to wear black trousers to school and two of the girls she met had bought their trousers ( that looked like tight jeans) from a shop called Lillies in Eastleigh.

I hate the trousers my daughter bought but the alternative is a skirt up to her knickers as that is the ” fashion ” at school.
She told me, ” mum, you can either have me dressing as a chav in the trousers, or a slut in the skirt.”
Not sure what it says about my mothering skills because I think I prefer the option…..