August 9, 2020

What Weight Loss Tips and Ideas Are You Looking For?

By riaces

If you were like I was, and that is 60 pounds overweight and looking for weight loss tips, then you are in the right spot. Yep. That’s me. Don’t want to admit it but the picture on the left really is me. Like a lot of people, I frowned upon pictures being taken so I don’t have a full body shot from when I was at my worst. But I do need to tell you my own personal story about my own weight struggles and the Weight Loss Tips I used to lose weight and regain my vitality.

But when I was looking online for ideas and help for how to lose weight, I became really frustrated with all the ‘nutrition-speak’ out there by these so-called fitness experts.

All of this talk about “Complex Carbs”, “10-10 principle” and “Basal Metabolic Rate” had my head spinning, especially when all of these ‘experts’ would never explain what these terms meant. Whatever happened to simple weight loss tips…like walking for fitness, how to lower your blood pressure and how to burn fat quickly?
So that’s why I created Weight loss tips we can all understand!

Here’s an example. One of these weight-loss gurus was talking about how you need to have a small meal first thing in the morning before you do a workout. This expert recommended that you eat “100 calories of a complex carbohydrate” before starting the workout so that you would have the energy to get through the workout.

Now that’s great. But what is 100 calories of a complex carbohydrate? The expert never answered that part. How frustrating. You should have seen the message boards with all of the frustrated listeners trying to answer that very question. There must have been 100 people asking “What is a complex carbohydrate” and never got the answer.

Now, if this ‘expert’ would have said to have 2 handfuls of Cheerios before you start the workout, wouldn’t that have made so much more sense? Wouldn’t that have been an easier for their readers to understand? Wouldn’t that have been a simple weight loss tip? And that’s why I created this website. For real people looking to lose real weight without the ‘nutrition-speak’ or ‘exercise-speak’.

So, I have a series of weight loss tips that will help you lose the gut and get back into the shape you deserve to be in. These tips are presented in a way so that you can follow them in a simple yet effective manner. And all of the exercises that I use will be illustrated with pictures.

And the best part is that all of the exercises illustrated can be done from home with minimal equipment. No gyms will be required.
And that is because if your life is like mine, then you have:

  • A primary job
  • Part-time job
  • A spouse to care for
  • Children to watch out for

You are now at the stage of your life when you are a caregiver for your parents as well.

This is why the tips I have here are for you to lose weight quickly at home and with minimal equipment. Most of us don’t have the time to work out during the day in order to to get to the gym, so I will give you tips on how to squeeze your workouts into your day…and even other health tips such as the health benefits of giving blood and how to quit smoking cigarettes

Throughout this website, you will find information for you to improve your nutrition, including the fat burning foods to lose weight, water and weight loss, how to read the nutrition facts label, the best exercise for weight loss and how to survive a trip to McDonald’s or Burger King with your kids and still stay on track.
Plus fat burning tips, lowering your cholesterol, reviews of exercise equipment I personally use like Bodylastics Resistance Bands and how you can promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle for your kids and your parents.