Category: Parenting

July 15, 2022

Early Learning Age of Babies

It is a common belief that kids will not be ready to learn very seriously until they are five or six years old. In fact, this is a quite incorrect belief.

Experts in the field of kid education have found throughout the last century that the brains of kids are really receptive to fresh information from their birth till the age of five, making this a good time to teach kids new information. So what can babies learn in this early stage of growth? (more…)

May 31, 2022

How to write a resume?

When looking for a job, each person is faced with the problem of how to write a resume so that it can definitely interest potential employers?

A resume is a brief self-presentation by which the employer selects applicants for a vacant position at the initial stage.

How to write a resume in order to interest the employer?

It is necessary to enter only genuine information in the resume, and only of such a nature that will present the applicant from all his positive sides. Both in the resume and at the interview, you need to talk about your advantages. (more…)