July 10, 2020

Mediterranean Alfresco Dining

By riaces

I was born to live in the Mediterranean! With a name like Maria and an obsession with outdoor eating, I do wonder what the heck I’m doing in London sometimes! Trying to make the most of our evenings, G and I decided to bring a bit of the Mediterranean alfresco living to what would have been a very average Tuesday eve. I mean come on, look at that spread!It didn’t take long to set up shop and, to be honest you don’t have to ask me twice to make up a table, it’s one task I relish and, simple love to do!

These beautiful place mats are over 20 years old, they used to be my dear Gran’s. As a child I loved looking over them with my Grandparents before meals and curiously take in all the different flowers, I believe it was this that planted the seed with my flower and styling obsession. My Gran used to decorate her tables beautifully for all our family dinners, she’s obviously rubbed off on me! I’m so pleased that these colourful place mats are still living on in my ever growing tableware collection.

I just can’t help myself, despite cutting, conditioning and arranging flowers all day at work, a table isn’t a table until there are some blooms. Excluding the Rose (a reject I rescued from work) all the others are from our garden – Geranium leaf, Lilac and Red Geranium flower & Sundance yellow foliage.

With the BBQ light, it was time to pour the wine!

Alfresco dining10G was in control of the food and boy did he deliver! Whole roasted chargrilled chicken, with homemade bread buns, guacamole & roasted tomatoes and mixed peppers directly cooked on the coals!

AMAZING. A brilliant way to spend what would have been a TV dinner evening!