August 28, 2021

The Keys To Building A Burger Right For You

By riaces

As summer grilling season reaches its peak, more and more people are enjoying fresh hamburgers from the grill. Everyone has their own vision for what the perfect burger looks like, but is there a way to craft a burger fit for everyone’s’ preferences?

Thus comes the challenge of figuring out how to build a better burger. Considering everyone has their own preferences in terms of flavors, it can be difficult to determine a one-size-fits-all type of burger.

There is some good news, though. Some ingredients and toppings have become burger staples to the point where defaulting to these toppings should yield you with a burger most of every would enjoy. Once you’ve come to master these toppings, further tweaks can be made to make the burger truly yours.

Just what ingredients and toppings have accomplished this, though? Let’s take a closer look.

Breaking Down The Ideal Burger

Here are some of the most popular burger components today:

Heavenly Buns: the best buns are those that are stable enough to support all of these toppings while remaining gentle enough for each bite. Seeded buns are typically the most common, but don’t sleep on a pretzel bun.

Magnificent Mustard: some may argue for ketchup’s stay on each bun, but the truth is mustard is a much better condiment for drawing the flavors out of your beef.

Patty Preference: legendary burgers are made from beef with at least 20% fat. Some may argue 40% fat is better suited for a burger, but again, it comes down to preference.

Cheesy Choices: you’re going to want a beautifully melted piece of cheese to accompany your patty. American and Cheddar are certainly some of the most popular but switching it up can add for a more unique flavor profile.

Sliced Pickles: for added texture and additional flavor, of course. These are a necessity.

Thin Sliced Onions & Tomatoes: the thinner the better, as each bite will be simplified. Both of these ingredients are meant to enhance the flavors of the burger.

Leaf of Lettuce: for additional crunchy texture and flavor. Typically of the Iceberg or Romaine variety.


 Assembling The Burger

 Now, the easy part. Putting it all together. It’s clear that the patty should be the main focus, so a proper grill job is necessary. Once fired up, rest it in between the two buns. Lather some mustard on the top and bottom bun prior. Place your sliced pickles, onions, tomatoes and lettuce atop the burger in that order for the most enjoyable experience.

 Do you think you have what it takes to assemble the ultimate burger? For more helpful hints and visual tips to making the best burger around, be sure to check out the infographic coupled alongside this post. Courtesy of Big Deal Burger.