February 5, 2022

Tips for Coping With Tech-Neck and Similar Pains

By riaces

A growing number of people are experiencing pain associated with their use of technological devices. In fact, not being able to put your phone down can be a literal pain in the neck. Here are some strategies for managing painful issues involving excessive screen time.

Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

Spending too long in an uncomfortable position may be detrimental health on your spinal health. A sensation as though you are locked up and cannot move your head in a particular direction without discomfort may necessitate treatment. In addition, radiating or shooting pain that stems from your cervical vertebrae down your arms is a strong indication of problems with alignment. A chiropractor Bowling Green may be able to help you improve mobility and lower your pain levels. 

Buy Equipment That Facilitates Good Ergonomics

You can spare yourself from repetitive motion injury or achy joints with some helpful equipment. Simple changes such as using a phone or a tablet on a stand can make a big difference. Also, getting a pop-socket for the back of your phone can take strain off wrists when you are on-the-go. If your wrists give you trouble throughout your workday, you may like using a split keyboard.

Be More Conscientious About How You Position Your Body

In some ways, the way that poor posture affects people’s health may be avoidable. Try to be mindful about the way that you hold a device. When you are typing at work, remember to get up and take breaks to get your blood flowing and take some pressure off of your muscles and joints.

Ultimately, remember that the technology that is supposed to make life easier can cause you to feel chronic discomfort and effect permanent changes to your posture. Take steps to mitigate the potential harm and address pain effectively.