April 5, 2022

Why you should encourage your toddlers to watch cartoons

By riaces

Most modern parents dream of trying to keep their children away from screens and cartoons as possible. The problem is that most adults are glued to the small screen in their hands for the better part of the day. So what can you do? Well, for starters, we’ve got some good news – cartoons are actually good for your toddler.

Don’t believe us? Here are the top reasons why you should encourage your toddlers to watch cartoons.

Life Lessons

We all know that toddlers won’t learn everything they need to know in life at school. This is why throughout history parents and families have relied on stories to teach children the important lessons of life like honesty and sharing for example. However, in our world of VR and technology, these simple stories don’t quite have the same effect that they used to.

This is where cartoons can help! For example, there are some great free cartoons for babies and toddlers on YouTube that will teach your children these important life lessons. This takes some of the pressure off you to feel like every moment needs to be a teachable moment.

 Good Role Models

Toddlers need good role models, and unfortunately, they need more than just their parents. This is where cartoons can help! Their favourite characters will be the heroes of the story who will overcome obstacles, solve problems, and show them the right way to approach various situations.

These characters will help your children to learn what the right thing is and more importantly, what the wrong thing is.

 Language and Communication Skills

Toddlers are always listening to the world around them as they try to develop their communication skills. The more sources they have, the faster their skills will develop. Cartoons will expose them to new words and different ways of speaking which will only help to develop their vocabulary and communication skills.

Furthermore, cartoon characters are very expressive. It’s obvious whatever emotions that they are feeling and trying to express. Seeing this helps toddlers to recognise these behaviours in others which allows them to be more empathetic.


Finally, toddlers love to have fun (after all, who doesn’t), and what better way is there to enjoy themselves than with a few cartoons? Between the bright colours and entertaining characters, there is enough going on to keep your little ones happy and smiling for a long time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, not only are cartoons good, but they can actually help with the early development of your child!