September 8, 2023

How to Throw a Lingerie Shower

By riaces

Are you planning to hold bachelorette party with a lingerie shower for the bride? The following is all the information you will need to know!

What is a Lingerie Shower?
First, you have to know what a lingerie shower is! Actually, it is a party in which guests can shower the bride with various gifts of Bridal lingerie. It is sexier than a bridal shower and it is generally held in a single location. Mostly, bachelorette party will also include a lingerie shower component. This lingerie shower can be as sexy or classy as you want and you just ensure that the attendees have the same aims!

Choose a Venue

Many Lingerie showers are usually placed at people homes. This may be a money saving solution! When a private home is not readily available, a function room at a restaurant is fine as well. Choose one of the favorite restaurants and you just need to order some favorite finger foods for snacking.

Invite Guests

Whether they are invited online or with printed paper, ensure you let your guests know that it is a lingerie party, and the attendees must bring a gift like bachelorette lingerie for bride funny. You also need to ask the bride for her underwear and bra size in advance and you must include the sizes of the gifts in the invitation. By Doing this your guests can buy something that really fits her! In case you have a particular type of gift, you want them to bring, let them know!

Get the Bride a Gift

You posted out the invitations, now you need to find a gift for the Bride yourself! You can purchase funny bachelorette underwear, ensure that you can purchase something that the bride will love. The purpose is to stock her wardrobe for the upcoming honeymoon and also the newlywed life. you may also include some more items like gummy underwear for the groom to wear! Make sure you place it all in a package that the bride will love to open it.