August 9, 2020

Taking my Kids to Chessington World of Adventures

By riaces

We are heading to Chessington World of Adventures with my kids next week and I looked online to see if I could make any savings. Sadly I missed the Sun who had offered codes that when collected gave you free tickets.I did find quite a few tickets for sale on ebay for people that had prebooked but could no longer go so if you want to head to Chessington look up ebay first of all to see if you can purchase some cheap tickets that are for adults/children etc.

Check the sellers feedback to make sure they are genuine etc.

So the only savings we found were online, by booking 7 days ahead we have saved 25%…but still 2 adults and 3 children has cost well over £100. Plus parking which is £2.00.

I’ll be packing a picnic bag and drinks…..

With Chessington and Thorpe park if it rains for more than an hour you get free tickets to come back another day. It rarely ( she says hopefully) rains for more than an hour so booking ahead does save quite a bit of money for a family heading to these parks.