October 6, 2021

Types Of Braces Used By Orthodontists

By riaces

Orthodontics is a dentistry branch dealing with the proper alignment of teeth. Over the years, several types of braces have emerged due to improvements made in orthodontics by committed specialists. Dental braces are devices placed on the surface of a tooth to pull the tooth or jaw in a certain direction. The braces are mainly used to correct the teeth’ alignment. Below are some types of braces:

Metal braces

This is the most popular and widely used type of braces. Metal braces are commonly used since the devices are economical and adjust teeth and jaws back to the appropriate position.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic brackets are suitable for people who are mindful of aesthetics. The braces can hardly be noticed: ceramic braces are made using a translucent or transparent material. The braces are compatible with the color of the teeth of a patient. Ceramic braces are made in a way that can protect a victim from discoloration and staining. This is important, especially for people who are highly considerate of physical appearance.

Clear braces

The braces are made of pure sapphire. Clear braces are transparent, with undetectable wires used in making the braces. One example of clear braces is Invisalign.

Qualities of an Ideal Orthodontist

Whether you have little or no knowledge of dentistry, there are some signs to indicate that an orthodontic office offers top-notch and professional services. It is vital to ensure that you get an ideal orthodontic specialist for quality services. Some of the signs that a good orthodontic specialist portrays include:

Provide a variety of services

In today’s society, orthodontic clinics provide several services. There are better teeth-straightening methods that do not need wires. An ideal clinic offers a wide range of orthodontic services. Such facilities portray how caring the specialist is and the ability to offer up-to-date options for treatments. The orthodontic clinic you select should have different options to straighten your teeth.

Clean and well organized

After walking into the orthodontic facility, the place should be well organized and tidy. The staff in the clinic is welcoming and friendly: you should be treated like a valued client. Ensure you settle for a clinic that is neatly arranged and cleaned.

Certified and qualified staff

An ideal Lakewood orthodontic office should be willing to provide credentials and staff qualifications. In most cases, the certificates are hung on walls for easy viewing by customers. By looking at the credentials, you should determine if the professionals have studied in recognized schools.

Active online presence

Nowadays, nearly all businesses have an active online presence. Besides marketing, an online presence provides vital information on the clinic and services offered. Many orthodontists globally: social sites such as Facebook and review sites make it simple to locate ideal dental practitioners.

Some of the tools used in orthodontic treatments include aligners, braces, and headgear to promote the realignment of teeth. To provide orthodontic services, dentists must undergo specialized training. General dentists can only treat a few and minor orthodontic matters. The practitioners refer patients to a specialist when the issue is complicated.