November 2, 2020

Causes of Dry Hair & How to Take Care of It?

By riaces

Everyone wants to have silky shiny hair. Whether it is long or short, straight or curly, everyone wants their hair to be healthy. But dry hair is a problem which is very common nowadays. Some people have dry hair by birth & some people once with healthy hair, has also reported dry hair problems. If you are also facing the same problem, then this article will help you to understand your problem in a more detailed manner so that you can take the necessary steps to keep your hair healthy & shining.

In this article, Dr. Manas Jain will explain everything that you should know about this problem & he will also discuss the solution for dry hair. Dr. Manas Jain is known for the best hair transplant in Mysore. Most of the times, dry hairs causes excessive hair fall. If you are able to control it at the initial stage, then it is better for you. But if you have already lost your hairs, then you might consider hair transplant as a solution to your problem.

What is Dry Hair?

Dry hair is a condition where your hair either does not have enough moisture or not able to retain the moisture. This also results in brittle & damaged hair. The shine of your hair goes away & in severe cases, you will notice excessive hair fall.

To understand this problem more deeply, let’s look into the anatomy of our hair.

In normal conditions, our scalp produces enough oil to keep our hair healthy & shiny. But in the case of dry hair, there are two possible scenarios. In the first case, the scalp is not able to produce enough oil to keep the hair healthy. In this case, you will also notice a dry scalp. In the second case, the hair is not able to retain the moisture in it. As the picture above displays, every healthy hair has an outer layer called a cuticle. This protects the hair from external damage such as excessive contact with sunlight. In healthy hair, this outer layer helps to retain the moisture but in dry hair, this layer breaks down & hair is not able to retain the moisture.

Causes of Dry Hair

Dr. Manas Jain suggests, before finding out the solution it is necessary to understand the root cause of the problem. Following are a few of the major reason behind hair fall-

  1. Dry Scalp- Hair root is able to produce oil to keep the hair healthy & moisturized. Dry scalp is the condition when the scalp is not able to produce enough oil to maintain the natural health & shine of hair which makes the hair rough & easy breakable.
  2. Environment- Environment plays a major role in hair quality. You might have noticed the difference between hair quality in people from different regions. It is mostly due to the variation in sunlight exposure, temperature, humidity, etc.
  3. Loss of Protective Layer- The protective layer of hair is called the cuticle. This acts as a shield to prevent external damage & also helps to retain the moisture in the hair. If the layer gets disturbed or damaged due to any reason, the hair will not be able to retain oil & moisture which will result in dry & damaged hair.
  4. Pollution- This is another major factor affecting hair quality. The dust particles & impurities present in the air effects the hair quality.
  5. Age- As you are growing old, the quality of your hair will also get affected as your scalp will not be able to provide proper nutrition to your hair.
  6. Blowdrying- Excessive use of a hair dryer or blower will affect the hair adversely. It will make the scalp dry & will also damage the cuticle.
  7. Chemicals- Cheap & bad quality hair care products affect the natural shine & health of your hair. If you are facing issues after using any hair care product such as cream, wax, spray, or hair color, it is better to consult with a doctor.
  8. Hormonal Imbalance- Hormonal imbalance affects the hair quality in both men & women. But the result is significantly visible in women after menopause.
  9. Use of Harsh Soap- The use of harsh soap or shampoo is not good for your hair. Daily use of shampoo will make your hair dry by removing the moisture.
  10. Medical Conditions- There are some medical conditions in which your hair might become dry. Some medicines also impact hair quality.
  11. Other Reasons- There are several other reasons also which affect your hair. The first considerable factor is a healthy diet. You should follow a healthy diet & a healthy lifestyle to keep your hair healthy. Excessive smoking also damages the hair quality.

Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Following are the few home remedies suggested by Dr. Manas Jain to deal with the problem of dry hair-

  1. Avoid washing your hair daily as it might damage the scalp.
  2. Avoid regular use of shampoo & try to use a mild shampoo. It is better to go for an herbal product as they are chemical-free.
  3. You can use a hat to save your hair from pollution.
  4. Regular scalp massaging with hot oil mixture will help. This will also improve the flow of blood in your scalp & will help to improve the hair quality.
  5. Avoid smoking & try to add green vegetables to your diet.
  6. Take vitamin supplements (after consulting with the doctor).
  7. Add omega-3s & antioxidant-rich food to your diet. Seafood is a great source for these. But you can also include walnuts, broccoli, berries & tomatoes in your diet.
  8. Avoid hot shower & use cold water for hair wash.
  9. Stop using cheap chemicals & hair colors. Try to use coconut oil or essential oil. There are several other herbal oil available which can help to improve hair quality.
  10. Do not use hair dryers or blower as this will damage the external layer of your hair.
  11. If the problem is severe then you should trim your hair & follow all the above-mentioned processes to improve the hair quality. This will also reduce the problem of split ends. Hot oil massage will be more effective after trimming your hair.

Infographic provided by Hair by Doctor Max